Measure which don't fit on a single line

• Apr 20, 2019 - 10:45

What is musescore supposed to do with measure which have too many notes to fit on one line. I have some cases of MIDI import where musescore displays some crazy things. But on the other hand I don't really have an idea of what it could do when I ask for the impossible. Like the image below. To be clear, I'm not claiming musescore is doing the wrong thing. I'm just asking what I should expect in this impossible situation.

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Well I guess there are two questions, right? What should musescore do automatically? and what should I as the user do? Currently what I do is just edit the instruments list, and make the offending instruments invisible. I don't really care about seeing them anyway.

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Perhaps it could automatically opt to switch the page setting to landscape?

Absolutely not. Music is rarely written in landscape, and I don't think this situation merits the forced switch. The user may of course make that decision himself.

You can also split the measure in the middle and make the barline dashed. Then MuseScore will automatically move the second half to a new system.

First of all, the score looks like it was imported from midi and needs a couple of parameters fixed (by the user) so it will look playable. MuseScore should do exactly what it does and let the user decide what to do about the problem since the user made the problem.

A few other fixes have been suggested if this is what you really want it to look like.

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Is there a way to select the measure and ask musescore to "resolve" the notes to a coarser resolution? I don't want to have to midi in again because I'd lose all the other work I've done on the score in the mean time. I'm not sure that all those 64th notes with 64th rests in triples are really necessary.

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