measure numbering confusion

• Apr 19, 2019 - 18:55

Can someone help me understand again how measure numbering works. I know that every measure has an internal number used for the rendering and playback data structures. But there is also measure number which is displayed at the beginning of each line. This is subject to changes such as "Done number this measure" etc. When I use CMD-F to go to a measure by number, I think it takes me to measure by internal number, rather than the measure my displayed number.

I can see why you might want one feature, and also why you might want the other.

That being said the CMD-F goto is pretty confusing anyway, because you have to prepend the number by p to goto a page, and r to go to a rehearsal mark. it would be great if the Goto widget had selection fields there the user could say goto page/rehearsal mark/internal measure number/displayed measure number.

Also once I've successfully gone to a measure by rehearsal mark or measure number or whatever, then pressed play, the display moves ahead correctly. But later on when I press Stop, how am I supposed to go back to the same place that is still displayed in the Goto type-in field? The only way I can figure is to erase the text and re-type it. There's no go-again button.

Any comments?


Your understanding about numbering is correct. Except to be clear, you don't actually need the "r" for rehearsal marks that are letters, as they normally are.

For the repeated playback from the same spot, consider using the loop feature.

Also see View / Timeline which is a far more sophisticated interface for navigation by measure, rehearsal mark, and much more.

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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems the MIDI import does exactly the same thing regardless of how I set the quantization. I'm setting the quantization for Timpany to 1/8th which is ridiculously low, and it is still importing as 64th notes and 9-uplets of 64th notes.

Am I supposed to be able to press Apply on that dialog and see the notes recalculated?

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The quantization affects the start / end time for notes, so you shouldn't see something that could otherwise have been rounded to an eighth notated instead as a sixty-fourth rest followed by a triple-dotted sixty-fourth or whatever. But, if you have 8 notes in the space of half a beat, there is nothing for MuseScore to call but sixty-fourths.

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