Problem entering quadruplets

• Apr 15, 2019 - 10:26

I am using iMac Mojave 10.14.4 with Musescore
I am trying to replicate in Musescore the notation in the attached file original.jpg.
Time signature is 6/8.
I select Add, Tuplet, Other and set the ratio as 4 to 6. I can enter notes as either of the two bars shown in my attachment musescore.jpg. As can be seen if I enter all semquavers the value of the notes works correctly but if I enter the first note as a quaver I have a semiquaver rest left over! As far as I can see the two bars written in Musescore have the same time values but Musescore leaves me with an extra semiquaver if I start with a quaver!
I tried using Add, Tuplet, Quarduplet but that doesn't work either.
I have used a workaround by entering the second bar in my attachment and setting the spare rest as invisible but just wondered how to do the job correctly.
Would be most grateful for a pointer as to where I am going wrong! Thank you.

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Thank you cadiz1. Your solution looks perfect! So I tried your suggestion and entered the bar format in the order you suggested. However I still have the same problem (see bar 6). I saved the resulting mscz file but when I tried to upload it to attach to this message I received an error.
Attached files:
quadruplets.jpg - a pic of the notes I entered.
quadruplets.mscz - the saved Musescore file of those notes.
corrupted.jpg - a pic of the error I received when I tried to open that mscz file.

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I tried that with the same result. I also used your quadruplets2.mscz file and only did one thing with it. I tried to change the first note of the first quadruplet you supplied to a quaver. That immediately resulted in an extra demisemiquaver rest in that first quadruplet. Files attached: quadruplets2.mscz and, because that file is now corrupt and cannot be opened, a screenshot of it screenshot quadruplets2.jpg
Also attached a screenshot of the Musescore error reported when I tried to open the quadruplets2.mscz after making the change.
What I find most baffling, even if I am doing something wrong, is that Musescore is allowing a bar to be filled with a higher combined note value that the time signature dictates, for but then marks the file as corrupt when I try to re-open it... That alone must be a bug surely? ...and thank you so much for your replies1

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