Musescore 3 - cannot read/open file

• Apr 12, 2019 - 21:02

SOS! Trying to open a project that worked fine hours ago! Came back now and getting an error message "cannot read C:....."

What to do?

Attached is a copy of the score and a screenshot of the message.


Hi everyone! I'm having the same issue where my file was working before but now the error message comes up saying that it's now unreadable. I was working on it when my computer all of a sudden froze and crashed. Upon rebooting it, I got the error message that I previously outlined. There doesn't seem any backup copies anywhere of this said score (I've checked everywhere I know), so could someone see if my file can be recovered in any way please? Thanks!

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Africa By Toto.mscz 22.06 KB

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