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• Apr 4, 2019 - 15:41

Hello Musescore Community,

I recorded a sound as an mp3 file. I then changed the name to midi. Musescore, however, can't open the file. Is there a way I can change an mp3 file to midi in order to open it? Here is a copy of the song file that I messed with.

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Rename it to mscz, MuseScore uses that for scores.

Serious, did you really expect renaming an MP3 to MIDI changes the internal format?
Just because Windows Media player (much to my surprise I must admit) still plays it?

Turning an MP3 into MIDI requires artificial inteligence, you can't unscramble an egg.

Jojo is right. I would put it that way -

The .mp3 file contains sound (it does not have to be music).
While, midi files contains a set of instructions, (to simplify it) needed for automated playing on digital instruments.
MuseScore lets you, among other things, write down what you hear (while listening to mp3 file) and recreate it in the form of score or midi file.
But you have to know what to write.

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There are several other programs that theoretically serve this purpose, but IMHO none do it really well. As Jojo said - it is a task for artificial inteligence.
I was playing with this functionality in Ableton Live and it sometimes works nice for short, simple phrases and loops.
But try to work it out by yourself. Writing down music by ear is actually a great method of ear training.

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