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• Apr 4, 2019 - 15:18

As someone who composes for piano a lot, I use a lot of glissandos (wavy, without text), and since the update to 3.0 they have not been saving on scores - I have to re-position them every time I want to export the file. Attached are screenshots of pre- and post-save.
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Glissandos are intended to be used to connect two different notes/chords - can you explain how you are adding these? They save fine for me when added normally. For what you are doing here, probably you really a fall, not a glissando.

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This glissando notation is not unheard of in Harp music. To make this work properly in MuseScore, you need to put a note in an unused voice , click the start note, ctrl+click the end note and add the glissando. You can then make everything you don't want to see invisible by pressing V and flip stems by pressing X if needed.

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Hello! My apologies, so in this case that is actually the end of a page and the glissando connects from a note in the RH to a note on the LH (Bass clef) staff. I have also had issues saving when it is going from a single note to a lower note in the following chord. As far as how I input it, I use drag-and-drop.

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Here's what I did to add it.

click the 8th note in measure 89, ctrl+click one of the notes in 80 where the glissando go to. Double cilck the glissando symbol in the palette. Selected the bogus glissandos that start in measure 90 and delete them. Adjusted the glissandos so they look right (put the glissando in edit mode and drag the end points). Saved, closed, reopened and got it to work. When there is a rest in the middle of a glissando, I don't know of any other way to do it.

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I see, it does fail to stay when you apply it to anything but a note in the same staff and the same voice. This is a bug that needs fixed.

There is a workaround.

  • In the left hand delete the D.
  • In measure 90 in the right hand exchange everything to voice 2.
  • While you have it selected click the notes button in the inspector and press X to make the stems point the correct direction (this prevents the dynamic from moving also).
  • Add a dotted 1/4 note D to the right hand in voice 1 and then use ctrl+shift+down arrow to move it to the left hand. Use ctrl+down arrow to put it in the correct octave if needed.
  • while you have the note selected press x if needed to flip the stem so it looks right.
  • Apply the glissando as normal
  • select the voice 1 rests you don't want to see and press V to make them invisible

Basically, keep the glissando in the same voice on the same staff and use cross-staff notation to move the note. Move things around in the other voices as needed so it looks right.

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