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• Apr 1, 2019 - 15:16

As I work with kids I get some uses out of color notes and the problem is with note heads that end up yellow. they are not very visible when printed on white paper.

The first solution that comes to mind is if the note heads could somehow be outlined in black. For half notes and whole notes there would have to be a double outline, one for the outer perimeter and one for the inside perimeter.

I'm sure this would benefit all the other users who work with color notes.

How doable would such an upgrade be?



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Yes, correct. This is about the ColorNotes plugin.

I did manage to change the colors at some point in the past but changing yellow into another color is not very elegant, as it eliminates the yellow color, which I think is a desirable color to have.

But would it be doable to design an additional note head and add it to the noteheads palette? And have that additional note head be designed in such way that it would have an outline and a fill? Then be able to apply colors only to the fill.

Perhaps a solution would be to design stems that have outlines to go over the note heads. Now when you apply color to a note head the stem stays black. So, although I don't knwo enough about programming, I can see that the stems are somehow separated from the note heads.

Or perhaps there could be a separate outline element added to be attached to the regular note heads, in much the same way that the stems are attached to the note heads.

I'm just trying to find a solution.


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I actually got another idea, how that might work.

Instead of creating a plugin that outlines the note heads, would it be easier if there was a plugin that would duplicate the note heads and also slightly enlarge those duplicate note heads, and then display them on a layer behind the visible note heads?

This would create the effect of a black outline around the colored note heads.

Would it be technically possible to create a plugin that would do that?


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Good question.

I am actually working with some other references that use colors and yellow is one of the colors used. It is of course a primary color, so it would be good to be able to use it more effectively.

It's also about improvements and upgrades. I think outlines would also make some of the other colors stand out better, as it would add contrast to the sheet music.

Hope this makes sense.

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I had the same issue with yellow notes being hard to read.

My idea was to create the same note (in my case the e) in the second voice and use the option "small notehead" for that note. Then I colored the 2nd voice yellow, disabled auto-place and move the note on the 1st voice note.

In the final score it looks like a colored note with an outline.

Maybe this could be automated with a plugin? ;-)

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