Position of dot on dotted notes

• Apr 1, 2019 - 15:07

While editing a routine score with SA and TB staves, with stem up for Soprano and stem down for Alto, and these parts sometimes singing notes of different duration, I thought I had entered something incorrectly. Please see the capture of two SA+TB measures, with the SA measure of concern highlighted with a box.


I simply had never noticed until now that MuseScore places the dot below note head center when the stem is up and above the note head center when the stem is down, to place the dot between lines. So, in this case it looked like only one of the notes was dotted. In the original paper score I was transcribing, and checking several other paper scores, I couldn't find any case where the dot position relative to the note head is dependent on stem direction.

Is this a questionable design choice in MuseScore, or am I just missing some option where I can require dots to be consistent regardless of stem direction?


Hmmm ... looking at this again, I now see that the inspector for the errant dotted half note B shows that "Dot 1" is selected.


If I click on "Dot 1" I see that "Top" is chosen for some unknown reason. If I choose "Auto" or "x" the error is corrected. So the question should be whether there is a way to ensure Auto is the default, since I certainly never chose "Top."


A clue to what might be going on is that I originally transcribed this as an open score (S+A+T+B), where all stems were up (with dot "Top" possibly being the default). I then combined those staves into closed score (SA+TB) using the method described in the external link "How to merge/combine/implode two staves in one with two voices." So if there is any bug here, it is possibly that there should be some logic to ensure "Auto" dots as the default, at least when there is more than one voice in a measure.

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Thanks Jo-Jo and Mike. I'll have to agree that I caused the error somehow, since I could not reproduce the error in a test case doing the implode exactly as described in that external link.

I do know that I never went into the Inspector to set the dot position to "top" for the Alto note. I discovered that capability only after reporting the issue in my first post. BUT I was correcting incorrect notes before and after merging Soprano with Alto and Tenor with Bass, and can't confirm now whether any of those edits were before or after discovering the correct way to merge / implode those staves.

Bottom line ... this must have been a user error. My apologies.... Case closed.

As always, thanks for the excellent support.

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