Lyrics double back when writing them.

• Mar 31, 2019 - 21:11
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In the attached score, there are about three measures where the lyrics tab switches back to the previous syllable/word, which makes me rewrite over the lyrics.

The attached musescore project is my current example, with the Baritone lyrics stopped at one of the problem points. If I type the Lyrics "pride I" in M8, the cursor will jump back to "pride", causing me to overwrite it with the first syllable of the next word. In this particular song, I think this has happened about 4 times per part.

Workaround is to undo the overwrite, and then click on the last good syllable/word and press spacebar, again. I believe I experienced the glitch on this exact location on Tenor II, but when I tried to reproduce the problem by starting the Lyrics on the previous word in Bass line (M7), I couldn't cause the glitch. I will write the lyrics from the beginning to see if that will proc the glitch at M8. Also, when I did that, I couldn't reproduce the glitch in the Baritone until I undid the tests. It was as if once it happens, it no longer occurs unless I delete the lyrics back a measure.

Not a terrible glitch, but slows the typing process for lyrics.

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I can't reproduce this. Perhaps someone else can. I tried what you said. I deleted words back a few syllables, I even tried it fresh on the Bass with no issues. I don't doubt what you saw. It's just impossible to understand how to fix it until we can reproduce it on demand or at least consistently, like one out of every so many tries.

Only at the same spot? My first thought is that's crazy, but it's possible since the offending "word" is "I" (that's a capital i) and most other places have small letters.

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So I opened the attached file, and tried to reproduce it at that spot, but couldn't. I even tried deleting the previous measure's words in the Baritone to try to trigger it with no go.

I started the lyrics in the Bass line, but it didn't trigger until measure 24 when I typed the lyrics "When I", which correlates with Mike320's observation. I re-downloaded (why??) the attachment and reopened it and typed the lyrics for the Bass, and again it occurred at M24 at same lyric, doubling back after typing "I" ('i'). So, I believe anyone who downloads it should be able to reproduce that one, which I hate it is so many measures in!

To save everyone time, I opened a new downloaded copy and tried to start the lyrics at M23 or M22 in the Bass line, but it doesn't trigger the double back. And after doing so, it DID trigger at pick up to M6 with "since I"! So it's not consistent with the location, except that the common problem is a single uppercase "i".

Good thing I didn't see this post on April 1!

I think the most likely cause is a lack of coordination. Don't be offended, I've often had this issue of getting two capital letters to start a word. shift+i then shift+space will make the cursor double back much like not releasing the space quick enough will lead to double capital letters. I do believe this is what is being experienced here since it only happens on the word "I"

It's possible, but two people have found the issue. If they're not seeing more than the usual number of double caps to start a word, I suspect the users. You don't normally notice if you hold the shift button down too long when you type I.

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That COULD be it. I'll check when I go back home. If I am holding SHIFT when hitting SPCE, I wouldn't see it in normal typing products, like in this response, where holding SHIFT and hitting SPACE has no different affect. I'll let you know if that's the case by typing slowly once I get to M24. Thanks for entertaining my issue!

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Yes, I'd say that that is exactly what is happening. I'm holding down SHIFT while hitting the SPACEBAR. I'll try to change my ways, although I do wish it would be changed to SHIFT + TAB. I'm probably alone on that. In that regard, I recommend closing this ticket. Thank you all for your support!!