How do I change the order of my tabs?

• Mar 31, 2019 - 20:30

I have a number of tabs open - I am working on a number of manuscripts - a set of Sonatas one in each tab. I get the idea for one, but want to keep them in numbered order - but may start them in a different order - so how do I move one tab into a different order so i can keep them in a numbered order - (making them easier to find?) I cant find a way to click and drag the tabs to move them around. Is there a way?


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Virtually all touchpads support drag. Usuaully it's double-tap to start the drag, but you can go to the settings for the touchpad as provided by your operating system to learn more or customize this. Definitely worth learning how to perform basic things like this not just for MuseScore but for all programs - drag is a very commonly used action, so you might as well learn how to do it. Your compute might have even come with a printed "cheat sheet" for this.

Other common touchpad gestures include two-finger swipe to emulate the scroll wheel (possibly with Shift to scroll horizontally), two-finger tap for right-click, etc.

If there are no real buttons on your touch-pad:
There are two virtual buttons on the bottom of touch-pad (for left and right click). These are invisible in some touch pads. In others, they may be marked off slightly darker. (see attachment)

Try this: (likely to work):
Move the cursor (arrow pointer) over Tab.
Place a finger (usually thumb or forefinger) on the bottom left corner of your Touch-pad and hold it down.
Swipe left or right from the center of the touch-pad with your other finger (usually middle or right finger).

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