Is there a better way to notate "accumulated" chords?

• Mar 30, 2019 - 15:06

I often "accumulate" left-hand chords like this:

But the bunches of tied notes looks kind of cluttered. Is there a standard/better/clearer way to notate this? I have sometimes put some of the chord tones in a second voice, but this doesn't help much when the chords have four or more notes - you get a clutter of little rests replacing the clutter of little ties.

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But pedal would also sustain the melody. I want something more akin to a solo flute accompanied by a harp or guitar, where the accompaniment sustains but the melody does not. In some places the melody has ornaments, which pedal would turn to mush (or "clouds" if you WANTED that effect)

So I think I'll go with the "romantic" notation, perhaps with a performance note to explain it (under the vain presumption that someone other than me will ever play these pieces.)

Thanks to all for these suggestions!

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