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• Mar 29, 2019 - 23:05

Hello everybody!
It's nice that you can assign MIDI signals to the most important commands (like note length etc.). But it would be even more efficient if one could assign MIDI signals to all settings in the "Shortcut"-Tab of the preferences. For example I'm writing a lot of vocal music, and to add a slur (for melismatic passages) I have to take my fingers off the piano and to the keyboard to press 'S'.

I'm sure everyone needs different commands to remote control, so the best possible solution would be to add MIDI-signals to the shortcuts just as you are able to assign keyboard-shortcuts. Don't know if its technically possible though, and if other people are missing this aswell.

Comments and feedback are highly appreciated ;-) Best regards, Stephan


Don't you have to take your fingers off the piano keys to control the program? Maybe I don't understand. Even with a midi control keyboard you have to take one of your hands off the keys to twist a knob or operate a slider. So, maybe you mean controlling the shortcuts remotely? You could build a pedal board with all of the note input shortcuts remotely controlled by foot toggles. You wouldn't have to move your hands :)) But I think what you actually mean is that all of the keyboard shortcuts have playback effects so that you don't just enter a slur but send a legato message for synthesizer. That would be cool.

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ah ok what you are talking about ramblinj would be also nice ;-) Though I meant another thing, so I try to clarify (my english is not the best):
My fingers stay on the keys because I'm composing each voice seperately in Note Input mode, so my right hand plays the "melody" and my left hand tells Musescore which Note length (so for example C1 is whole note, D1 is half note etc.; you can configure that via "Preferences/Note Input/Midi Remote Control"; you don't need these low keys anyway for melody).
Problem is that you can't assign these Keys on the Midi-Keyboard to the advanced stuff like adding slurs and other stuff. (problem with vocal music notation is that you need a slur for every syllable that gets stretched out to two notes or more ;-) so thats like every third note)

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