How to attach the visual keyboard to workspace?

• Mar 29, 2019 - 11:25


Is there a way to attach the visual piano keyboard to the workspace? What I mean is, just like the timeline or navigator, at the bottom of the workspace.

Also, on my small screen the keyboard extend beyond the width of the screen, so I always have to scroll left and right. I found out that I can zoom in/out (on a Mac) by pressing the command key and scrolling over the keyboard. However, it doesn't give me the exact increment to adjust the the exact desired width and also it defaults back to the same size after quitting MuseScore. Any way to make the size permanent and exact to the width?



Normally the keyboard should already be docked on the bottom, If you've dragged it away, just drag it back down and you should see the docking area appear. You can also just double-click the title bar, at least on Windows (I hear this doesn't work on macOS).

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Hi, Marc!!!

Just a question (related with the visual piano keyboard)... Is there some way to select which instrument is shown??? I'm talking, let's say, if we have 10 instruments playing at the same time, we see all those notes in the keyboard (including percussion notes), Could we select to see only, let's say, the trumpet notes? ???

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Hello Marc,

Even when it is docket, the keyboard opens wider than the screen, so there is a scroll bar at the bottom, which slows me down.

Then, if I zoom out it does not exactly fit to width. Instead it zooms a bit more than needed. That would be acceptable, but whenever I restart MuseScore it defaults back to the wider size.

My kid actually likes to use the keyboard, I don't need it much, myself.


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