Guitar "Let Ring" Playback Faults

• Mar 28, 2019 - 12:59
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Create a guitar TAB score in 4/4 time.

Issue 1

  • Add a crotchet to a blank measure at string 4, beat 4, open string (fret 0)

  • The playback stops incorrectly at the end of the measure

  • "Let Ring" should continue playback for at least 4 beats

Issue 2

  • Add a crotchet to a blank measure at string 4, beat 1, open string (fret 0)
  • Add a crotchet to the same measure at string 4, beat 3, fret 4

  • The playback of the first note is incorrect

  • The "Let Ring" playback should stop at the third beat because this string can no longer ring fret 0 since fret 4 is now pressed

Example score attached with corrections shown.


Use invisible tied notes instead of let ring.

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Title Guitar "Let Ring" Playback Faults Guitar Let Ring Playback Faults
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guessing the quotes in the title are making this issue non visible in the tracker directly; I'll reach out to thomas to have a look regardless.

[EDIT] nope, that's not it

Title Guitar Let Ring Playback Faults Guitar "Let Ring" Playback Faults
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some more guessing that it's the status field itself

[EDIT] yups, this was the culprit; reported to thomas

Issue 1: is not an issue. To play for more than 1 beat, select the note and the next measure, then add the 'let ring' line from the palette. This will allow it to play for 5 beats.

Issue 2 is an issue, I guess. I'll let someone else take a look at that, though :)

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OK, Issue 1 has an easier workaround than invisible notes, (thanks), but it would be inconsistent with a note on beat 1 which would only ring for 4 beats. The Let Ring should really be "blind" to the end of measure marks.

Also 4 beats is probably a minimum that a note could ring for, but this depends on a lot of factors, (e.g. which string was plucked, how loud it was plucked, which fret number was held, whereabouts the string was plucked, ...), so this gets complicated. Perhaps a simple setup for the user to specify the default number of let ring beats, (e.g. 1 to 24), would be useful.

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A possible way forward with this would be to redefine MS use of "Let Ring" to work like TablEdit's ringing notes, as per Tabledit manual extract below. This would also provide more differentiation between "Let Ring" and "Pedal".
For notation users the ties are probably not clutter but it really does clean up the TAB.