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• Mar 27, 2019 - 00:06

I have a .sib file (Sibalius) that I wish to edit. Can this be imported into Musescore?


I'm now in the middle of migrating my older works from Sibelius 7 to MS3. I'm planning to get rid of Sibelius and Windows 10. So if you like, you can send me this file (or upload it to the forum) and I'll convert it for you.

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Thank you Woland. I was looking for someone with Sibelius. This music is from an Australian composer and depicts an episode in Australian history and the battle between the European settlers and the aboriginal people.
Please note that the system will not permit me to to attach a file with the .sib extension so I have renamed it .jpg You will have to rename it .sib.

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Hi Kevin, I have converted this file to xml, but there are few things that you should know:
- The sib file contains graphic elements and these can't be saved to xml, Sibelius sugested that it should be exported to compressed MXL format (compressed xml), so I did that. MuseScore can only open XML format, not MXL, but maybe that this file will be useful for you.
- I have exported to XML format and tried to open it with my MS3, but the app crashes every time I try to load this XML file. However - MuseScore 2.3 opens this file without any problems. So I - if you encounter a problem with loading xml or mscz file in MuseScore 3 - try in MS 2.x - it works fine for me.
- I also exported .sib to PDF so you can see how it looks in Sibelius 7.

All files are packed and attached in zip file.
I hope it helped you.

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Sorry, I did find the files hiding. mxl and xml both open under MS2 after some protest. Of course mscz opens without a problem. Thanks so much. By the way, I have found a few issues with MS3 so prefer to use the old MS2 which always works fine for me- If it aint broke...

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Hi Mark,
You are right of course- put it down to laziness. The main gripe was the the various panels accessed by the F keys, in particular, the mixer. When I open this panel it fills half the width of the screen (W10) and about twice the height. This means that much the score is obscured and the bottom of the sliders are inaccessible. Additionally the sliders are arranged in columns, not in rows that correspond to the staves. This is confusing. The lack of backward comparability has been commented on. There were a few other niggles that I have now forgotten but my colleague and agreed that it was better to stick with the familiar.

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You can dock the Mixer, FWIW, which helps keep it out of the way. You can lso resize the mixer, although I gather a small number of people with certain operating system / scaling settings are seeing issues with the mixer being hard to get small enough. So maybe that's the case for you? Still, unless you are doing something very unusual, you'd only have the mixer up a tiny percentage of the time. The major improvements in layout and general usability should make it more than worth your while - I definitely recommend it giving it more of a shot!

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FWIW = For what it's worth

You aren't the only person who has mentioned an issue with the size of the some of the dialogs, as I mention it does seem to affect some small percentage of users. So far the issue doesn't seem well-understood, as none of the developers have been able to reproduce it as far as I know.

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Probably, but not all or even most Windows 10 users see problems. It probably also relates to your monitor resolution, the default system font size and system scaling set in Windows, and a few other variables. Feel free to start a new thread on this and include some of those details and a screenshot to help us understand what is going on for you.

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Of course, you are right Jojo.
My instance of the latest version of MuseScore was unable to open this specific .mxl file. That's why I wrongly assumed that it can not. My mistake, sorry.
Now, when I'm looking into the details of an error message, I see that this mxl file contains strangely named file:

"Fatal error: line 48280 column 89 Content of attribute source does not match its type definition: images/ (1).png is not valid according to xs:anyURI.."

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