Timeline panel displayed incorrectly after language change

• Mar 25, 2019 - 18:40
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P2 - Medium
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

1) Create a new score
2) Add 2 instruments (besides the default piano)
3) Add notes, rests, Clef signatures, time signatures, reharshal numbers randomly
4) Open the Timeline panel (F12)
I found all meta data (clef signatures, time signatures, bars numbers, etc.) all consolidated inside the piano row rather than in each dedicated row (see picture below)

Windows 10, MS ver 3.0.5


Can you attach your score? Works fine for me with a score I just tested. Something that this might help clarify - what do you mean by "default piano"? There is no default instrument when creating a new score. I thought maybe you meant, use the default score that appears when opening MuseScore, but I couldn't get that to fail either.

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Hello Marc, yes, the piano is the default empty score MS opens by defaults, but I discovered that this was not the point.
After your reply infact, I found it difficult to reproduce occurrence of same bug!
Finally I made it happen again and here it is how.
1) FIRST create an empty score, add signature changes, time signature changes, notes, rests, bla bla bla,...
2) THEN change the Language setting: Edit> Preferences, tab "General", section "Language". As example, change from English to Italian (or vice-versa) et voilà you have the "consolidation" of all the info in the first instrument row of Timeline.
The process is reverseble: if I switch again to the original language, everything goes back to the right place...

Yes, after Language change, you have first to close and restart the program, reload the score and then the Timeline info is correctly sorted.

Title Timeline panel is consolidating all metadata inside first instrument row Timeline panel displayed incorrectly after language change
Severity S3 - Major S4 - Minor
Status needs info active
Type Functional Graphical (UI)
Workaround No Yes
Priority P2 - Medium

I can reproduce, and it does fix on restart for me.