Hairpins add with different line widths

• Mar 24, 2019 - 21:01

Version: 3.0.5 - 58dd23d
OS: Linux Ubuntu 18.10 AMD64

If you select a bar (either empty or with things in) and double click a hairpin in the palette to add it, it adds it with a line width of 0.29sp.

If you select an individual note (it could be any note in the bar, even the rest in an empty bar) and do the same operation the hairpin is added with a line width of 0.13sp.

Surely these two operations should result in a hairpin with the same line width? (of the two I pick 0.13sp every time).


It is also doing it if you have multiple notes selected in the bar (with the blue box around them). The hairpin comes out with the wrong line width.

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I have narrowed it down and can repeat it with a blank score. It's really easy. This gives a huge clue to the cause.

  1. Create a new score. I used a simple SATB with default settings
  2. Go to Format -> Page Settings
  3. Set the Stave Space (sp) to 1.000mm (or something similar)
  4. Press OK
  5. Select a bar, and add a hairpin
  6. Select a rest, and add a hairpin
  7. Marvel at the difference in line thickness.

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Hmm, I still can't reproduce. Do you perhaps have some custom style settings in Edit / Preferences / Score? Even if it seems like it shouldn't be needed, can you please attach a score where you are seeing this? Ideally, attach if after already having added the hairpins.

EDIT - no wait a minute, I just finally got to reproduce it. Key to the wrong width seems to be, have a range selection and double-click (with a non-default spatium setting). Worth noting - if you try changing the thickness in Inspector then reset, it's normal. Also, same applies to pedals and other lines.

Thanks, can you submit an official bug report on this via the issue tracker (see Support menu above)?

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