Split / Combine parts barline symbol

• Mar 24, 2019 - 16:42

As a workaround to the lack of splitting and combining of parts on a score (a standard choral facility) it would be acceptable to have the split/combine barlines implemented.


At least then you can fake it with multiple instruments and hide/show portions of the staves.


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That's as may be (and it took me a while to find them...) but adding them to a barline isn't possible. The best you can do is add them somewhere inside a bar and then manually move them to align with the barline. Better would be to have a barline that you can just drag and drop from your palette into a bar and it gives those glyphs at the end of the bar.

I do not want a workaround-to-a-workaround. That is not acceptable.

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You know, it's these kinds of attitudes that really give open source software a bad name. Someone comes along with a simple request - the addition of a couple of extra bar line symbols - that would probably take you about 5 minutes to code. And you basically go "No. We can't be bothered. F*ck you!"

Not even "That's a reasonable idea. We'll consider adding it to our to-do list."

No. Just "No. We can't be bothered.".

FWIW, I'm not sure it makes sense from an implementation standpoint to make these barline types. How would they be expected to work mid-system? If this a standard type of notation, then perhaps it would be better to have them generated automatically where appropriate, like system dividers are. But also, a few simple improvement that would be welcome in other cases as well would be to allow symbols to be added to barlines.

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