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• Mar 24, 2019 - 13:50

One of the most annoying things I find with Musescore is the auto advance when you get to the edge of the screen.

If you're just entering a single note with the mouse this is fine. However when you want to enter a chord you create the first note, and it vanishes off the side of the screen. So you scroll back, and add another note, and immediately it vanishes off the side of the screen again.

You need to have a way to enter a note while at the same time not advancing so the note you're working on doesn't keep getting shoved out of view. Maybe holding SHIFT while clicking to insert the note, as you would to enter notes of a chord using the keyboard-entry method.


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Um... no. I don't think so. I tried it, but:

  • It's a complete mess - you can't really see what you're doing when you have lyrics below the staves and hairpins, dynamics, and other things above the staves. The whole lot is all mashed together and is unusable.
  • There seems to be a bug in that many times you can't play - it just skips to the end without making any noise.
  • When you're transcribing from printed music it's so much easier to keep track of where you are if you (initially at least) paginate it in the same way as your source material.

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You could add spacers to continuous view to avoid the lyrics collisions. Or you could stick to page view but temporarily set a page size where only one system per page fits. Or use the pan button and toggle it when needed. Not sure what else could be done - MuseScore won't be able to read your mind about when to track the cursor and when not to.

BTW, no need to scroll back to enter a chord - Shift+letter works whether you can see the chord or not. You can also use the left arrow to go back, no need to waste time/effort scrolling if for some reason you do want to see the chord.

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... which breaks panning for playback and all other note entry.

While it works it's far from convenient. A system is needed that can be used on a click-by-click basis, and what better way than a simple holding down of a modifier key on the keyboard?

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