Cross-staff notation bug

• Mar 23, 2019 - 04:31

I found a small bug in using cross-staff notation. Although not necessary for playback, when transcribing notes from my sheet music source I wanted to duplicate the original cross-staff notation in MuseScore. It worked correctly most of the time, but sometimes the eighth or sixteenth note beam would disappear.

I have attached the MSCZ file, the exported PDF, plus a small PDF capturing measure 11 (before and after) where this bug occurs.

Cross-staff Error.pdf

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Thanks Shoichi. I tried to follow your reference in the bug reports and got lost. So, going back to to the solution you presented I don't know how you got there. I could recreate that appearance by simply Ctrl-x cutting the beamed notes from the bass clef and Ctrl-V pasting it into the treble clef, then doing the cross-connect upwards on only the prior sixteenth note.

However, something I forgot to mention is that there is a tie that gets left behind. You can see that more clearly in this new attachment, since I added the first two pages of the original score and circled that tie -- which you can now see was left behind.

Edit: Actually, the tie isn't "left behind" in it's original position before the cross-connect shift. It's actually re-positioned exactly where it should be relative to the new position of the note cross-connected upwards, but is misplaced on the bass clef instead of on the treble clef.

I think for now I'll just leave measure 11 as is without cross-connecting until the bug is fixed including the tie problem.

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