Duplicating chords

• Mar 22, 2019 - 13:21

I have a score in which the chords are C Maj and G7 for each bar. Is there a way of cutting and pasting the chord names to save time from inputting every bar?


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The filter is not good for selecting only one item because it will always copy the notes. For chord symbols, you select only the chord symbols, click one then ctrl+click the other to select them, then you can copy and paste and they will stay in the same relative position. So if they are currently on beats 1 & 3, they will remain 2 beats apart wherever you paste them.

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When you copy and paste chords, measure lines are not taken into account, so it doesn't matter how many measures you copy, all of the chords will be pasted to their relative positions to the start point. In my first example, where the chords start on beats 1 & 3, you can paste the chords on to beat 4 and the second one would be on beat 2 of the next measure.

Shoichi's method in the PDF for selecting several chord symbols will also work for as large of a selection you start with.

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