Auto Placement of Tremolos is Incorrect

• Mar 22, 2019 - 11:49

Pictured are 3 screenshots of the instrument MDL Rail. When attempting to place any sort of roll marking (tremolo) on a note (regardless of duration), the Automatic placement feature places it incorrectly: so much so, that for a single tremolo line, it is completely below the note.

Perhaps a rule could be developed for Automatic placement of Tremolos? Quite tedious to go through each one and turn it off and then manually adjust each Tremolo's position.

I attempted to use Tremolo's when writing for Solo Violin as well (pictured), just to check that it wasn't a plug-in (MuseScore Drumline) only issue. It appears to be a general Editor issue.


In order to understand and assist better, we would need you to attach your actual score, not just pictures. For me tremolo works fine, so it's not clear what is different for you.

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I'm still not a MuseScore user, since I think the default output of MuseScore looks less professional than say Sibelius 7.5 (not to even mention Lilypond, which is a category in itself). I've been however following its development and am excited to see how much MuseScore has advanced. I find it's close to being a professional notation software! Tremolos are one of the few but crucial aspects where MuseScore doesn't do a good job yet (as of version 3.4.2). Attached is a MuseScore file with its pdf. For comparison is also the same music typeset in Lilypond, where the positioning is substantially better. Elaine Gould's recommendations on page 221… are worth a look. I would say, from the MuseScore example, only the three-strokes tremolos on up-stems look correct.


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I think the position looks a bit inconsistent regarding the direction of the notes (ascending in this case). That is definitely not the case for three-stroke tremolos, and it's only slightly the case for two-stroke tremolos. If tremolos could be made to follow an imaginary line between ascending/descending notes, the way three-strokes tremolos already seem to do, it would be great.

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I was the one who did the improvements for 3.5 beta, and I'm afraid I don't quite agree with your request. To ensure readability, one of the strokes is supposed to be on a crossing point of a staff line and the stem to be better readable. For the one-stroke case, well, there's only one stroke, so if we move the strokes like the notes do, we'll have to break that principle, which isn't something worthy in exchange.

But on the other hand, I noticed that the stroke width we use is exactly half of the space between staff lines. This means if we move the strokes like you said, they'll coincidentally still be on the lines, except that some are entirely above and some entirely below. I'm not sure whether that's a good enough option.

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Awesome! Impressive job. Thank you! I wonder if this fix also affects two-lines strokes, which behaved better with the last beta but were a bit less "contourish" than their three-strokes counterpart. Even if it‘s not the case, this fix substantially improved MuseScore tremolos anyways :-).

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Dear administrators,

my last post from several days ago is awaiting moderation approval. Since it's been already quite long I wanted to ask if I have to edit my original message somehow to gain approval. I'm certainly interested in seeing my report about this issue in this forum.

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