transpose unreliable

• Mar 19, 2019 - 13:03

I am getting some strange effects withe the transpose tool. It doesnt sometime do what you expect - like transpose to a key you asked for it ends up with something else. Are there limitations it its use - like you can only do the operation once on the original score

I have been working on parts. If I change something in a part does it ripple through to all the other parts for example

should I be transposing the whole score first before going into parts?


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Yes It RTMS and studying the Xposition section - it does your head in but keep trucking

ist mistake I didnt have the concert button selected.

I am using an alto sax inst for melody and it defaults to Eb. Im a simple ham fisted penist so dont know these things

would i be right in saying that a song written in Dmaj say would be scored in Eb

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