Plug ins - note names

• Mar 18, 2019 - 15:33

Hi Very useful little tool that puts the note name beside the note on the stave. Trouble is that having named all the notes, there is not way of undoing or clearing the txt. When transposing afterwards the notes stay named as before and are therefore now wrong. Naming again puts another set of names above the existing ones so it gets very cluttered
Is there a work around for this. Its a great tool for learners

All I can think of is to warn users to make multiple copies before using the naming tool


Does anyone know how to edit the txt in note name plug in in a search an replace operation. I can select individual txt boxes and edit but for example I have a load of notes named Cb which I want to replace with B. Is there a search and replace workaround.

I can export to pdf but I havent found an app that will edit existing text

Players must need to export their song sheets and do simple txt editing

Any ideas pls

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Sorry, I thought you wanted them deleted. In that case, maybe just select the notes you want updated before running the plugin (and also use Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection to delete the existing ones). Or edit the plugin to ignore existing texts. Or just use the built-in note name facility and forget the plugin.

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