Expression Text - Quick editing

• Mar 18, 2019 - 10:56

After entering the desired text for a specify note, I exit from editing using ESC key, then I try to go to the next note using the arrow keys, but it doesn't work. To go to the next note I have to use the mouse and click on that one. It would be great (and quicker) if after editing, press ESC or other key, we could then use arrow keys to jump to the desired note


Try Alt+Right, while you are still editing the text - before even pressing Esc. For fingerings, lyrics, and chord symbols, Space works as well.

This assumes you are on the current version of MuseScore, this was only added a few weeks ago). In older versions you can still press Esc, then Alt+Right, and then Ctrl+E or the appropriate shortcut for whatever the type of text your are actually entering is.

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