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• Mar 16, 2019 - 10:43

I'm probably being stupid, but I can't find a copyright symbol (a letter 'C' in a circle) when I'm adding text or composer credit. Is there one somewhere?


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I insist this is a kind of "bug" of MuseScore.

MuseScore should let us to enter any standard keys combination of our keyboards (whatever the regional distribution we use) into the Title, Subtitle, Author, Poets, Lyrics, Texts and all the File Properties fields.

I don't know why, today, MuseScore doesn't let us to do that!!!

Any other software does it, so...

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Hi, Jojo!!!

I'm not a programmer and I don't want to fight with the MuseScore development team.

I'm just talking about something basic: Any other software (whatever the software target was) has the capability to let the user to use the standard keyboard combination, like © (copyright symbol), in Linux, Spanish keyboard, this is [Alt Gr]+[Shift]+[c]. Why MuseScore don't? ???

The same to other characters, which are absolutely necessary in my mother language (characters plus written accent).

I know, I know!!! Maybe, we, the Spanish language users, aren't the majority MuseScore market. Yes, it is a reality. BUT... Because we aren't the majority, we don't have rights to use our language characters in an easy way? ??? Why to use an extra dedicated panel if we have that possibility directly from our keyboard? ???

is what I say too hard to understand? ???

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But, I was not talking only about the © character.

It is something related to a lot of characters we need in:
1) Title.
2) Subtitle.
3) Composer.
4) Poet.
5) Score properties.
6) Lyrics.
7) All text in the score.

In some of those case, we can to use the infamous Special Characters Panel, but... In some, we have not any other possibility to out of MuseScore and go to the Operating System Characters Map, to copy and paste it... This is something logic if we could enter those characters directly from our keyboard? ???

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In what way does MuseScore prevent you from using the standard keyboard combinations to enter characters? If your particular keyboard has a key combination that generates a copyright symbol, or whatever other symbol you want, it should work. If not, your keyboard simply isn't sending the information you think it is, and that's nothing we can contro Maybe you are thinking the keyboard is doing it because it works in certain other applications, but it's really those other applications that are providing the shortcuts?

I do gather some systems use a convention called "dead keys" to "fake" the entry of certain characters, and the libraries to interpret keyboard input we use may not support this on all systems. We can't really control what your keyboard sends or what that the libraries we use can or cannot process.

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Hi, Marc!!!

Let's say... I'm writing the Lyric of some song.

Of course, you have to suppose it is Spanish language because I live in Chile, where Spanish is the official language.

Then, let' say, I have to write the word "corazón" (heart).

Into any other software in my PC, I just press the keys: [´] + [o] and I get the character "ó" ("o" with written accent).

BUT... using the same keyboard, the same PC, the same Operating System... With that keyboard combination [´] + [o], MuseScore just gives me a single "o" (without the written accent).

This is the same in Titles, Subtitles, Composer, Poet, Score Properties, etc.

I have to use the [Alt] sequence, and/or the additional Special Characters Panel to get the "ó".

So... It IS NOT something related with my keyboard, PC and/or Operating System.

Something, inside MuseScore, is not working with those combination!!!

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Yes, exactly as I said, we are not being given that information. Maybe the other programs you use rely on different libraries than the ones we do, and their libraries do this processing. I cannot say what they do to make it work. I can only say that if we get the info, we use it, and it does work for many different systems.

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Weird (to say something)!!!

I thought this feature was on the basic, basic, very basic input/output system of any Operating System, not some "special" digital library (because it is something related with a computing basic thing: To enter data from the keyboard!!!).

Maybe, the shortcuts "library" MuseScore uses is stopping the other keyboard combinations... Maybe.

In that case... I bet you, users will prefer less shortcuts and more basic keyboard using.

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As a FYI:
On the basic level, the only thing your keyboard sends and many Operating Systems send through is just
key 39 is pressed
key 102 is pressed
key 12 and 39 are pressed

It is totally up to a supporting library to map these numbers (and/or their combinations and sequences) to a resulting character.

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Well, if this helps to the issue, I use:

OS..................................: UbuntuStudio 18.04.2 LTS (64 bit Linux)
Motherboard................: MSI H61M-P31W8 (MS-7788)
RAM...............................: 8 GB
HDD...............................: Two (1TB each one)
MuseScore....................: 3.0.5, rev. 58dd23d Portable AppImage
Keyboard.......................: 105-key PC (Spanish layout)

AND... Here, the written accents doesn't work, directly from the keyboard, into MuseScore.

I can use the written accents (death keys combination) with any other software I have (LibreOffice, Audacity, PulseEffect, OpenShot, Mozilla Firefox, GIMP, SimpleScan, gscan2pdf, Sweet Home 3D, etc, etc. etc.)

SO... I suggest, to the MuseScore development team, that see into the free C++ code of Ubuntu or, let's say, LibreOffice and look for the piece of code MuseScore missed about this issue, BECAUSE... MUSESCORE 2.3.2 (and previous versions) LET US TO USE THE WRITTEN ACCENTS, DIRECTLY FROM THE KEYBOARD!!!

Just... An idea.

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