Hot Update: Muse 3 (Still) Crashes on File Open, File Save Version 3.05 This Time : )

• Mar 15, 2019 - 02:48

Hi Developers! Muse 3 Still Crashes on File Open / File Save.

I installed 3.05 tonight, tried to just save the default score it opened with, and ... seconds elapsed and the save dialog and program windows ended.

I restarted to take a screen shot (again) but this time (joy!) got a Crash Report dialog window THANK YOU! I duly used it.

Here is the post with screen shot from first time I reported this bug January:
It was Version 3.01 Last Time

Have set my Open With default program (again) to Muse 2



It seems the -w command line option would not help since you can send a crash report. Hopefully it will be valuable in fixing this problem. Did you put anything in your crash report that will identify it as the one we are discussing? In the mean time, could you try to run musescore from the command line using -s and -F to see if either of these will get you up and running.

Or just try Help / Revert to Factory Settings. I can only guess something is very wrong with your system environment - application data files corrupted or some such. Or maybe you are trying to save to a corrupt drive location.

I nave exact same problem with 3.05. It crashes on File>Open.
The only way to open any file is to drag the file from Windows Explorer to Musescore window.
I just realized that it's possible to open a file via File>Open Recent.

File>Open crashes every time. And even if I open a file by dragging it from Explorer, it crashes when I try to save (or save as).

Musescore 2 works fine.

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Because older versions of both programs are 32-bit and the newer ones are 64-bit?
File -> Open calls the Operating System libraries for showing you the file dialog; for Windows, this results in a different underlying library being called. It might be that somehow your windows installation needs repairing on that end.

It's just a theory however, perhaps testable by installing/using other 64-bit programs?

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OK, so not just 64-bit issues then..
Sibelius also uses the Qt5 libraries, so that would be my next guess. Although I'm on Win10-64bit as well and don't have that specific issue...

Random idea (I know it exists on linux, not sure if it would work on windows as well):
1. Open MuseScore
2. Edit → Preferences
3. Advanced tab
4. locate the setting ui/application/useNativeDialogs and untick the checkbox
5. Press OK to save the setting and close the dialog
6. Restart MuseScore

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It indeed seems like there is a bug in the current Qt library (nothing you can do about it) in combination with Windows 8. The reports I could find in their system are all closed because they are not consistently reproducible (and their devs aren't on Windows8 anymore, but moved on to Win10...)

At least with MuseScore you've got a workaround.

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