Adding or Delete an SFZ to the Zerberus list screws up mixer assignments

• Mar 14, 2019 - 01:52

I added a load of SFZs to Zerberus and assigned them to instruments in the mixer. Then I decided to add some more SFZs and remove some others that I wasn't using. When I went back to the mixer all of my assignments were messed up and I had to redo them all.


Add new soundfonts by moving them to the bottom of the list. Mixer entries are listed by the soundfont order, but are stored as just an index in that list.
So adding a soundfont on top of the list moves all entries in the mixer dropdown downwards, resulting in different selected entries.

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Oh that's annoying, why don't they organise them by name or a unique ID instead.

Thanks for the info. So it seems that adding a new SFZ to the bottom of the list won't cause an issue but if I remove one from anywhere but the end of the list it's going to still mess up all my assignments in the mixer.

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