Choral template "SATB close score" and mixer control

• Mar 13, 2019 - 22:20

To help preparation of our choir, i'll used musescore and the listening of the melody. So for each voice, i prepare an MP3 file and gives more volume to the selected voice by using the mixer.
To have a more compact score, i'd use the "SATB close score". I'm trying to do the same. But in this case the volume is the same for "women" (SA) or "men" (TB). When extending the mixer channel, it's not possible to do the same (mixer didn't allow to push volume of A if S is low. In this case "Women" is low and S is not audible, see snapshot).
Any idea to do this ?

thanks in advance.


I also do that. I am using the method Marc described, but since we have per-voice mute in the Mixer, I was wondering if we could have per-voice volume control as well.

You need a staff text and change its properties (right-click) to assiging voices to channels, like 1 and 3 to Soprano and 2 and 4 to Alto. Similar to Men and Tenor/Bass. (I make those texts invisible)
Unfortunatly the templates don't allow for including those texts (well, the templates contain them, but scores created from them don't).

It works similar to or

Check the sample score

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