Soundfont Bookmarks

• Mar 12, 2019 - 21:01

Would it be possible to add soundfont bookmarks in the dropdown menu in the mixer? This would make it much easier to navigate to specific patches within multiple soundfonts.


You could pull the individual file out of the soundfont folder and then load it on the left. Then you save it. This might be easier than implementing a check mark in the dropdown menu. But I agree that it is a pain to scroll. it would be nice to be able to click on a loaded folder and at least have the mixer dropdown mark where the folder begins. It is nice to have whole folders loaded that are put together frequently by the same source, not only for conventional reference and history but for analysis. I suppose that if you get too specific, you might run out of space on the left. But I am trying to figure out how to wrap individual files into a custom folder that would be recognized by Msc. So instead of a single file "oboe.sf2" it would be an sf2 folder with multiple instances of "oboe.sf2." (rather multiple oboe files named "oboe.sf2" with proper subscripts to differentiate them)

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But, when I have more than soundfont, and/or the unique soundfont we are using has more than one bank of instruments... This is not easy to scroll (you could have dozens of different guitars, one per line).

I insist the best way is a grid (like LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet): Columns for soundfont and banks, Rows to the instruments name.

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The problem is the computer is not a human and different soundfonts call the same instrument maybe just a little differently and then it is on two separate lines entirely, far removed from each other. Better would be to have a search facility (or "filter" in the database sense) to search for specific instruments.

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