Overlaid pages on import of MuseScore 2.3 file.

• Mar 11, 2019 - 18:48
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No matter whether I choose Yes or No in the "Reset positions" dialog, I find that pages 3 and 4 of the attached file are loaded on a single page, with one set of systems on top of the other, whether in Page view or Single Page view. (Continuous view displays correctly.) Playback is entirely normal,

I attempted to work around this by exporting the file as a MusicXML file. This did fix the above issue--however, it introduced a new one. Playback of the piano changed, where accents became way too strong and overly percussive. I could find no setting that would fix this.

The file does use extensive use of cross staff beaming, which I notice has problems in all of my files upon import. However, this (and previous versions) is the only file with this issue.

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There is a large negative sized vertical frame (height -147,66sp) on page 3/4, remove that and everything is fine
There's another frame at the bottom of page 1, whith almost no height at all, why?

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Yes, removing the frame does seem to work. I am, however, reluctant to ask to close the bug just yet. The frame is entirely useless in my case, but I wonder if someone else might have a frame that gets messed up in the conversion process. Or, if they serve no purpose in 3.0, it might be good to automatically remove negative frames.

As for the reasons for the frames: I genuinely don't remember including them. But I think I figured out why they are there. I think I used them when I first made the file and didn't know about spacers. So I used frames for that purpose. On 2.3, without the frame at the bottom of page 1, there is no margin at all.

Well, I've been using frames for this purpose in MuseScore 1.x. But workarounds like this are going to bite back hard in the next version, been there, done that...
BTW: Here in this case here you used vertical frames and spacers, so you clearly knew about them.

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The file has been through multiple versions of MuseScore. Each upgrade requires at least a little bit of cleanup for it to look the way I want. I probably originally created the file on MuseScore 1.x, and didn't notice the frames when upgrading to 2.x and using the new features to fix it up.

I still think the bug should remain open, though. People download files from MuseScore.1.x all the time from MuseScore.com. If the uploader used these workarounds, they might not open correctly on MuseScore 3. It would be good if clicking "Yes" would automatically remove these work arounds.

Maybe move this to "Feature Request"?