Grand Staff Arpeggio & Piano Roll Editor (MS 2.3.2 up to MS 3.0.4)

• Mar 10, 2019 - 00:00

First, let me apologise if what I'm writing about was said before, because I couldn't make sure if it was.

When I use a Grand Staff (e.g., with a piano or a harp), I expect that an arpeggio spanning both staves should be played (as well as displayed) as such. Which is not the case...

So, when I start with a Grand Staff, and add/select a chord spanning both staves, and then add an arpeggio zigzag, what I currently get is two arpeggios, not a single, contiguous one. Then, if I manually remove the lower arpeggio, and select the lower handle of the upper arpeggio, and click Shift+Down, the lower handle does go to the lowest note of the chord. But playing the chord proves to be inconsistent with the displayed imagery; only the notes that happen to be on the upper staff play sequentially. This is also evidenced by opening the measure in the PRE.

Now for the PRE: When dealing with a Grand Staff, I expect it to display the whole staff, i.e. the notes on BOTH staves. At the very least, when that Grand Staff had been there from the outset, in contrast to one that was manually constructed (starting with two separate staves, adding a brace, and joining the bar lines). The PRE also needs an easier way, possibly using the mouse to change the length of a note. Same for moving that note right and left, preferably with selecting to move in crotchets, quavers, demi-quavers, ... etc. (i.e. movement snap).

Thanks in advance.

Hosam Adeeb Nashed

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