MuseScore release cycles

• Mar 7, 2019 - 09:06

Hello fellow developers and testers,

we have released 4 updates after the initial MuseScore 3 release. We have seen an incredible drop of negative feedback in the "Leave feedback" survey regarding crashes and performance. The editor has become a lot more stable and fast. Meanwhile, a lot of improvements and new features/projects are upcoming (thanks to our participation in the Google Summer of Code).

Previous updates were a bit chaotic in terms of scheduling. We are learning and seeing a lot of feedback regarding the quality of the release process from contributors and testers.

Release process

  • We prepare a release branch and all the packages by Friday noon.
  • There are three days for testers and contributors to play with the new version and find any regressions that have been introduced with the new update
  • Monday is the day to collect the feedback, analyse the reported regressions/issues and fix them
  • Tuesday is the day to prepare final release packages and deliver them to end users

What is in the new updates?

  • Already existing pull requests which have been approved/reviewed and were not the part of the previous updates
  • The pull requests which were created between updates

Priority and severity

We shared the updated policy of the Priority/Severity fields.

According to the policy, there should be about 15-25 P0-Critical bugs in the issue tracker which define the focus of the release. Priorities are defined by core contributors/testers and based on numerous factors including severity, number of reports, affected users, etc.


We see an incredible drop of negative feedback in the "Leave feedback" survey regarding crashes and performance.

What is the link to this "Leave feedback" survey you mention?

In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Help > Leave Feedback
...from within the MuseScore app I presume.

Well then, I guess part of the "incredible drop of negative feedback" could be due to those Mac users who can't even open the program to access Help to actually leave feedback. LOL!

(That's also one reason why most recently the forum's #1 answer is no longer: "Use voices.")

Really nice to have a new update soon, I really appreciate this rythm.
3 or 4 days to collect and fix regressions is quite optimist therefore.
And, is the already open regressions issues will receive at least an answer ? Even an "Won't fix" or a "By design" or "For a future release" ?

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