How to move staves up/down?

• Mar 4, 2019 - 00:20

I can't seem to figure out how to move staves up and down on MuseScore 3. Shift + Drag seems to work on Musescore 2, but not 3.


Sorry because I'm not an English native language speaker so I'm not sure if I understood your question.

If you are talking about the distance between the staves, you can "tune" it into the "Format" menu, "Style" option (look for the staff spacing value).

if you are talking about the order of the staves (to put some instrument above another), you can do it with the "Edit" menu, "Instruments" option. You can change the vertical order of the instruments and/or staves, selecting it and using the up/down arrow buttons (right side of the panel).

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Hey, I'm actually am still struggling with this. I'd like to just click and drag my staff/systems wherever I want on the page, kinda like how you can do with Finale. I am very familiar with staff spacings, and the page settings and what-not. I just want to select a system or staff line and drag it wherever I want on the page. Anyone know how to help with this?

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MuseScore doens't work by dragging things, it encourages more precision by giving you settings that can be applied consistently and automatically - you shouldn't have to resort to fiddling with things by eye. For the cases where you specifically want the rules to be applied inconsistently, you can use spacers from the Breaks & Spacers palette, but again, that shouldn't be the case very often - everything is designed so a few centralized settings automatically yield the right results throughout your score.

If you attach your score and describe in more detail what you want to do, we can understand and assist better.

ctrl+ dragging the score in version 2 changed the Extra Distance field in the staff/parts properties dialog box. The ctrl+drag no longer works but the field is still the the properties. You can get there by right click the staff and select staff/part properties.

To move staves in Musescore 3, I had success with
Page break on selected barline: Ctrl+Return (Mac: Cmd+Return).
Or try Line break on selected barline: Return

I’m able to move the parts by clicking into Instruments, then holding on the name of the part, and moving it up or down. Not sure if that was the question, but this wasn’t intuitive to me so sharing in case this was the same question I had.

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