Filipino Mass - Gloria

• Mar 1, 2019 - 15:37

I finally made an alt account, and this is my first upload there. Hopefully the only alt account I'll make on this site since I'd like to get a pro account.


I just discovered this. I could not find you on .com. In any event, it is typical Drowssap:

looks good
sounds great
is not finished

You've nailed the style down, the harmonic motion and all, right down to "colle parte" trombones. Appropriately it sounds "Glorious". Nice job!

Let me suggest, especially for this style and if you are going to be imitative, and more so, into the contrapuntal style of the period, join the "Counterpoint and Fugue" group. There you will get your music of this style listened to and commented on (if that is what you desire) by more than me. You will learn something there. My "Baroque style" counterpoint study was 38 years ago and having uploaded a Prelude and Fugue (for piano) from that time I decided to write another for organ, so I needed to bone up. I uploaded a score privately for the group and worked on it until it was compliant with the period style.
In all my experience with musicians and professor types I knew nobody - nobody - who could analyze the period and break down the nuts and bolts of a fugue like user BSG. He'll put you to task, but you will learn something.

As for finishing...keep listening. You know enough to replicate the style (as always) so you may figure out what should be done in those gaps.

Go to C&F group!

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