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• Feb 28, 2019 - 13:43

Hi MuseScore,
1) Rather often, I need to nest a |: :| within a Segno -- D.S. repeat. But in such a case, when the music goes back to the Segno, the |: :| do not execute. I hope that, one day, this repeat within a repeat will be executed.

2) A note followed by a breath comma should be a bit shortened, or, alternatively, a setting should allowed to change the percentage of the nominal value that is heard. This is also true of notes at the end of a phrasing mark.

Thanks for hearing me out <3

Hosam Adeeb Nashed


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This button is always on in all my scores. Still, the result I'm talking about is not the one that is currently available. Please, see my attached file, written with MuseScore 3 (but what I'm referring to applies to 2.x as well). (Don't worry about the Lyrics; they're in Coptic.) You'll find that the inner repeats are indeed played first time over, but not after the D.S. returns to the Segno, where those repeats should in fact play again.

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It's standard convention that D.S. and D.C. are played "senza rep." except specified otherwise. Repeats are therefore ignored in the second pass of D.S. or D.C. But you can change it, as indicated by JoJo.

BTW: the "button which is always on" - I guess it's the one in the toolbar? This was not meant by JoJo. Instead, mark the D.S. itself, go to the inspector and tick the checkbox "play repeats" or similar. You could then also change the D.S. text to "D.S. con. rep." to make clear it is "with repeats" for humans reading the score.

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