open 2 copies of the same score

• Feb 28, 2019 - 03:48

Is there a fucntion where I am able to have two tabs open of the same score? What I wanna do is have my original open while I edit the copy next to it.Is there a way to do that in the program?


Under view there are two options

Show documents stacked
Show documents side by side

Both of these allow the same score to be selected at the same time. Keep in mind, if you have the same score open in both windows, both scores will be edited if you edit one.

Actually, there is such a function. It's called 'Unroll Repeats' and can be found in the tools menu or by using a keyboard shortcut (I don't remember if Alt+C is the original one, but it's the one I have assigned to it). Your score will duplicate in a new tab called Name_unrolled, and the edits you make on it won't have any effect whatsoever on the original. Notice you won't be able to save the copy unless you give it a different name through the 'Save As' option.

Hope this was helpful.

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Since Feb of 19 there have been a few changes that give more options. Unroll repeats is one of the new options not available then. It also has the disadvantage that if there are repeats and you unroll the repeats, they will be totally written out with, by default, no clear indication in the unrolled score that you are in a repeat, volta or jump (D.S. or D.C.). You will want to enter staff (or system) text so you know when you are in a repeat.

There is another option now as well, you can use the portable version of the program (which must be run before the installed version) and you can open the score in both the portable and installed version at the same time. Be aware that if you edit and save one it will not be shown in the other until it is closed and reopened and if you save one version then turn around and save the other version, only the second one will be retained if you use Save. If you use Save as, you can rename the changed version and/or put it in a different folder so it won't overwrite or be overwritten by the other version. I hope I made that clear.

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