Copy / paste doesn't propagate slurs correctly to linked staves/parts

• Jul 29, 2014 - 16:37
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu Studio 14.04, GIT commit: ccb04e0

Two different aspects to this, but I'm guessing they have same root cause


1) new score, electric guitar, standard + linked tab staff
2) measure 1, note entry: C S D E F Esc
3) select measure 1, Copy
4) click measure 2
5) paste

Result: no slur appears in tab staff


1) new score, flute, 4/4
2) generate parts
3) measure 1, note entry: C S D E F Esc
4) copy measure 1 to measure 2
5) view part

Result: slur in measure two extends way off into the mmrest that follows

I might have expected this would only happen in cases where the slur ends just before where the mmrest would have begun, but actually, it happens the same way for any slurs.