Play panel will not 're-dock' to right side panel

• Feb 27, 2019 - 16:28

OS: Windows 10 (10.0)
Arch.: x86_64
MuseScore version (64-bit):
revision: 5a0be2a

I've seen other posts related to docking issues, but have not seen my issue explicitly. I suspect my issue is related to underlying causes of other reported docking issues.

When I first launched the Play panel it came up docked on the bottom of the right side panel. I undocked it, played around with it a bit, then went to re-dock it. No can do. Dragging the Play panel over to the right side panel does nothing, not matter how I move it or try to position it, both in full screen and normal screen modes. Double-clicking the Play panel title bar does nothing. It appears that the play panel is permanently undocked. I saw posts reporting what appears to be similar behavior with the mixer panel. Not a huge deal for me particularly, but behavior is not as is documented in the help manual.

I'd be happy to create a bug report for this, but don't want to clutter things up if this problem is already identified and in the hopper.

John Fishbeck


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Yeah, I tried to close and re-open the undocked Play panel multiple times followed by attempts to re-dock, with no change in described behavior.

Then as an experiment I exited MuseScore 3 and restarted it, and lo and behold - when I launched the Play panel it came up docked over on the right side panel, even though I could not (and did not) re-dock it there in the prior execution instance. Odd. Again, no big deal, but behavior is not in conformance with documentation for undocking/docking.

Works for me with the AppImage for Linux (no possibility to check it with Windows): double click on the title bar, drag and drop it, selecting the "dropping symbol" on the right above corner inside this window. Maybe check a revert to factory settings.

Hmmmm. Turns out after exiting and restarting MuseScore 3 the Play panel un-docking/docking behavior is now working as documented. I can un-dock by dragging the panel off the side panel, and by clicking the un-dock control on the title bar. Now undocked, double clicking the title bar now re-docks the Play panel to the right side panel in its original position, as does dragging the Play panel over to the side panel.

Originally reported anomalous behavior musta been a fluke. Sunspots? Spirits? Who knows.

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I can reliably reproduce this on Mac with MuseScore 3.05 and also MuseScore 3.1Beta. But the sequence is a tiny bit more subtle than you might think at first.

The sequence is:

  1. Make the Play Panel visible, via the View menu - it will appear docked in the sidebar.

  2. Undock the Play Panel (using the <> icon near the top right) - it is now undocked. The three circles at the top left are RED + GREY + GREY. (GREY means disabled). In this state you can double click the header bar and the Play Panel will re-dock. Or you can drag it into the sidebar and it re-docks. SO all seems fine.

  3. BUT... if you CLOSE the un-docked play panel (using the RED circle at the top right of the un-docked panel) and then re-open by using the Play Panel option on the View Menu, it re-opens UN-DOCKED. However it now has the three circles at the top as RED + GREY + GREEN. In Mac World, the green circle means MAXIMISE the size of this window. At this point if you double click the header the Play Panel is maximised instead of being docked. Or, if you drag it into the sidebar it does nothing.

If you get into state 3, then quitting MuseScore and re-starting gets things back to normal.

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The same sequence (tested on MacOS) has the same results with
* Palettes
* Inspector
* Selection Filter
* Piano Keyboard (when dockable, only dockable in footer)
* Time Line (when dockable, only dockable in footer)
* Score Comparison Tool
i.e. all of these if un-docked, closed, and then re-opened (via View Menu) can no longer be docked until after MuseScore is quit and re-started.

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Yup - I can confirm identical user interface behavior re: docking/undocking play panel. Behavior of running MuseScore on my Windows 10 system is identical to that described above by Startled Bee. Clearly this is some issue with user interface code in MuseScore. And again, surely no show-stopper - just a quirky non-compliance with documentation on how docking/undocking of panels is supposed to work.

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