Musescore 3 popping playback worse than ever

• Feb 27, 2019 - 04:24

I had occasional issues with popping playback previously, but Musescore 3's playback does pretty much nothing BUT pop for me. If I have more than around three instrument tracks, the playback pops throughout the entire piece—it starts with a few, and then starts popping so often that it completely distorts the sound. I can pause the playback and start it again, which restarts the cycle, but it's really, really disruptive. Is anyone else having this issue? I thought these were the types of bugs Musescore 3 was supposed to fix??


After suffering this for nearly a year and trying to assign blame to MS version, scores, sound fonts, etc., the problem finally went away when I upgraded to a new Macintosh with a faster processor and 16gb ram. That's not a cheap solution, but that seems to be the case, that newer MS requires significantly more processor/RAM.

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