The 8, 15, and 22 (octave changers) in the Lines palette gives the wrong tooltips.

• Feb 26, 2019 - 19:04
current   |expected| alternate | explanation        |
----------+--------+-----------+ -------------------+
 8va alta |  8va   |  8v alta  | ottava alta        |
 8va bassa|  8vb   |  8v bassa | ottava bassa       |
15ma alta | 15ma   | 15m alta  | quindicesima alta  |
15ma bassa| 15mb   | 15m bassa | quindicesima bassa |
22ma alta | 22ma   | 22m alta  | ventiduesima bassa |
22ma bassa| 22mb   | 22m bassa | ventiduesima alta  |

edit: list is corrected...


This was discussed and the "ma" after the number is like "nd" or "th" after a number in English. Your explanation field supports this. "mb" and "ma" are both acceptable in notation and Gould prefers "ma" so we use "ma"

why? The va is from the ottava and needs an alta/bassa, the ma us from the quindicesima, etc.

8vb alta is wrong though needs to be 8va alta, but I believe that has been fixed meanwhile
Maybe it is not in your translation?

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Maybe I'm still in the old system.
However, as I know before, one of the letters shows the last silent letter and the other one shows alta/bassa.
I can't prove it :D
I'm just writing what I'm used to.

ottava alta
ottava bassa
quindicesima alta
quindicesima bassa
ventiduesima alta
ventiduesima bassa

Even the fact that the numbers 15 and 22 are universal accepted by musicians and music academies, the real sound physics tells us it should be 16 and 32, respectively.

I really don't remember why we still use 15 and 22 (some historic reason, I guess).

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