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• Feb 24, 2019 - 04:16

Is there a graphics tool that will allow the creation of objects, as in Finale? Or is importing the only way to handle graphic elements?


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Thank you. I have written several pieces with guzheng -- chinese 21-string zither, and many performance techniques are best expressed in graphical representations, such as certain glissandos -- similar to those of the western harp, but represented as broken, jagged semicircular gestures. This is why I was asking about a vector-based graphics tool, somewhat like the one available in Finale, but implemented properly.

Btw: Yes, it's only possible with an external vector graphics application. I did using in similar cases the open source application Inkscape for editing or creating svg images to import these inside MuseScore.

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My comment was actually a little more precise: . . . I was refering to being able to create and apply vector graphics. The creation is straightforward, the idea that aspects of the vector graphics could be "applied" is my main interest here.
For example, I have created a number of symbols representing different types of 'glissando' shapes. particularly for guzheng. Currently, glissandos need to be attached to a first note and played to the next note.
I would like to be able to draw a multi-stage glissando -- up > down > up > down etc, that wouldn't need the placement [and hiding] of intermediate notes to generate a MIDI file.
I would like to be able to filter the notes generated to be, for example, diatonic, chromatic, pentatonic, arbitrary scale structures etc.
Now, especially with MIDI 2.n, this could be extended to draw bending notes [vibrato etc], with the shape, range, steps etc etc being editable.

Is it possible in MuseScore 4 to program drumbeats and have the snare and bass drum stem incorporated in the Hi-hat. See PNG.
I did manage this in MuseScore 3 by selecting the hi-hat beat and make it into a sixteenth note and then program a snare or bass drum on the rest.

And also how do you hide an instrument in Musescore 4?
See PNG, where you could do it in MuseScore 3.


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