Musescore 3: Export to MusicXML does not export current <work-title>

• Feb 23, 2019 - 17:40

Using New Score Wizard I created a simple test 4/4 Score with Title "Test" and entered in 8 bars a C-major scale ascending/descending over two octaves C4..C6..C4 with 3 Rests after C4 in the final bar of the Score. I edited the title in-place to become "Test1.C4-C6-C4". I then Exported the Score to MusicXML (uncompressed).
The resulting .musicxml file contains the line: LTwork-titleGTTestLT/work-titleGT
I think it should say LTwork-titleGTTest1.C4-C6-C4LT/work-titleGT
When reading the above, please mentally substitute "lt" and "gt" symbols respectively for LT and GT.
If I include the real symbols, the Post Preview shows them missing. How should I enter them to make sure they display properly on the Post? Writing a "\" before each lt/gt symbol in the Post does not do the trick


I would say that if you open File->Score Properties... you will see the work title is "Test" and this is where the export function got that title. If you want to change the results in the export change it in the score properties.

line 5: (in Score Properties)

  1. <work-title>Title Test A5 B3 G4</work-title>

line 43: (in Score)

  1. <credit page="1">
  2. <credit-words default-x="595.44" default-y="1626.67" justify="center" valign="top" font-size="24">Title Test Changed Later</credit-words>

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