Thank you

• Feb 22, 2019 - 18:55

@Marc Sabatella,

I know I often disagree with you and show frustration with you but I want you and everyone else to know I appreciate all that you do to improve MuseScore. I suspect there are few people who contribute more code to fix bugs than you do. The last few evenings (US Central time) I've been sitting here watching all of the fixes you have written get posted and could help but feel grateful.



Agreed. And don't forget the weekly MuseScore Café videos teaching people how to use the software, trawling through the forums every day and answering questions, writing and maintaining a comprehensive reference guide to MuseScore in the form of Mastering MuseScore and recently maintaining a website dedicated to teaching MuseScore and creating course material for it.

Thanks, Mike! I sure appreciate all you do as well, helping people, making suggestions, reporting problems, etc. And FWIW, I try to not take disagreements personally. I know we all have the same goal here: making MuseScore the best it can be!

(And sorry I didn't see this until now!)

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