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• Feb 18, 2019 - 16:37

Currently, you can augment notes by 1.5 times their duration using a single dot or 1.75 times their duration using a double dot. However, I do not know of a way to augment a note by 1.875 times its duration using a triple dot, 1.9375 its duration using a quadruple dot, etc. Is there a way to use more than two dots to augment a note? If so, how is it done? If there is no way to do this as of right now, it would be a great feature to add since many pieces (such as Frédéric Chopin's Prelude in G major for piano, Op. 28, No. 3) use triple dots quite often, and having unnecessary ties just looks ugly in my opinion.


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Maybe I didn't use the right words.

I was talking about how to "put" the dotted notes, inside the tuplets.

I have to write the the whole tuplet (let's say "triplet") into the right pitch, and... then... only then, to "convert" it into a dotted note (choosing the dot symbol).

While, in "normal" mode, with "normal" notes, we can "take" the already dotted note directly from the notes line menu.

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To enter a triplet with a dotted rhythm is the same as in regular note input. It's always easiest to enter notes with the key board. The process to enter a triplet that includes a dotted 8th note is:

N - to enter note input mode
5 - make the duration 1 beat
ctrl+3 - creates the triplet and changes the 1/4 rest to 3 8th rests
4.a - to enter a dotted 8th note A (you can change the a to any note you like of course)
3a - to enter a 16th note A
4a - to enter an 8th note A and finish filling the triplet

Let me know if I still haven't explained correctly what you need to know.

I found a way to put triple dots by manually editing the mscx file using a text editor. The mscx file with the triple dot is attached, so you can download the file and copy and paste the note into another song (note that you must select and copy the first two notes in order to preserve the triple dot).
I tried to edit in a quadruple dot, but it instead corrupted the file.

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