Inserted time signature in middle of lead sheet and it's showing double (two 4/4's side by side)

• Feb 18, 2019 - 05:52

Hi, I've made several time signature changes recently with no issues. Haven't seen anything like this before. This lead sheet starts in cut time and switches to 4/4 partway through. Any idea why two copies of the new 4/4 time signature are showing up side-by-side after I drag a 4/4 sig into that measure of the staff?

Latest revision of MuseScore just downloaded and installed today. Windows 10.


Please attach the score. Images are not enough to understand what is happening. And question: why is there no time signature (in the first image). Did you hide it, delete it?

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The screenshots are of the middle of the score. That's why no time signature showing in the before image. The after image is after dragging the new time signature to the beginning of the line. Also, the reason it looks different in terms of number of bars is that MS revised the system break point of the line above after I added the signature, adding one measure at the beginning of this particular line.

No copyright issues with sharing scores of copyrighted songs here in this forum?

By the way, I've edited the score several times since making this post. My current workaround is to hide one of the 4/4's by toggling visibility (select and press "V").

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Ok cool. No, I'm almost 100% sure I've been in page view ever since I started the project.

Based on the link to the thread Jojo-Schmitz shared, this is a widespread and widely reported issue. I can see that I'm just experiencing the exact same problem reported in the other threads. I just couldn't find the threads because the keywords I used to search the forum for the problem didn't bring them up.

I gather the issue was just resolved 1-2 days ago, according to the final reply in that bug fixes thread. Until we get that update, hiding the repeated instance of the time signature is working like a charm.

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This is really helpful. Thanks Jojo. I gather from that thread that this issue was just fixed, so I'm guessing updating to the next revision that MuseScore puts out will eliminate the problem.

Hiding the second time sig instance is working well in the meantime.

i have the same issue, but it doesn't bother me that much, as it's just a visual glitch, i believe.

another fun thing happens where if the glitch happened (two 4 4's) and you change the time signature of the same measure again (lets say 5 4) you will see two different time signatures side by side, 4 4 (the old one) on the left and 5 4 (the new one) on the right.

i dont know what causes this, but i thought it'd be comforting to know that it wont have any effects on the playback.

if you really want to get rid of it just upload your score to musescore and re download it

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