chords printed high above top line

• Feb 14, 2019 - 21:24

On the top of my 2nd page, MuseScore 2 printed the chords high above the top staff instead of directly above it, as the rest of the song is printed. Please help me correct this.


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When I added the chords, I inputted each one specifically to a note in the score. Is that what you mean by attaching the score?
Online, each chord that I inputted is shown above its note in the proper place.
However, when I print my score, the top line of the 2nd page is not right.
The chord is printed high above the score. On all other lines the chord is printed above the note but not high above.
Please help me fix the problem.

As mentioned, we need you to attach the score to your post so we can see it for ourselves, otherwise all we can do is guess. But, my guess is you have a notes high above the staff that would collide with the chords, and that is why they are being moved above to avoid the collision.

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