Change playback cursor position

• Sep 30, 2008 - 21:15

I should imagine its very simple to do but I've been unable to set the position of the playback cursor under the latest prerelease (r1107) under XP. Can I click near to the note/chord on which I want playback to start next time I push play?


Actually, it does work here on windows XP even I use a more recent release, built by myself. So you should try harder ;)
Of course, the support is not perfect. (feel free to download the source code and submit patches)
But using the playback palette (F11), clicking a note, then clicking "play", the playback starts on this note. Click "play" to stop. The cursor should disappear. Click another note and click play again. And it does start at this note.

If you click on a note head (note head turns blue) then playback starts from that note.

If you click on an empty part of the measure (blue box appears around measure) then playback always starts from the beginning of the piece (version 0.9.3). Not sure why it does this.

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Hi David!

Well in that we can see why I got confused. If you click on the empty part of a measure it should either have no effect on start note OR start from the beginning of the measure you just clicked in.

Whatever method is eventually used should be documented under 'Sound and Playback' in the handbook

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