making a copy of a complete score?

• Feb 11, 2019 - 21:17

How do I make a workable copy of a complete score? I need to transpose the complete score for another voice type and don't want to re-write the entire thing from scratch?


Just save your existing score with a different filename. And then you can change any instrument or voice, by right-clicking in an empty part of the stave and choosing Stave/Part Properties. That allows you to change the instrument or voice.

What type of score? A printed score on paper? A PDF? A .mscz file? If you have a .mscz file, you can save as and edit. If you have a PDF, you can try File => Import PDF. Be warned, however, that PDF import is experimental and is not guaranteed to give good results at all. If you have it on paper, you have to type it in by hand (or scan and try to import the resultant PDF).

Thanks so much for your answers! I wasn't specific - its a score I wrote on this program - I just didn't know how to make a complete copy of it within the program to be able to change it for a different voice.

I'll try these!

All the other answers are correct. But really, the simplest way to make a copy is just to copy the file and give it a new name. I.e., quit the Musescore program, and make a copy of the file via the computer's OS. In Windows you would right-click on the xyz.mscz file, drag it a bit, and let it go, then change the xyz-Copy.mscz name to suit. The point being that there is no other hidden stuff. It's all in that one xyz.mscz file.

There are times when you might want to use the MS "save as", but for your purpose you want to avoid any risk of getting confused and hacking the wrong thing...

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