Mixed key signatures

• Feb 10, 2019 - 18:31

Can somebody tell me whether it is possible to have a mixed key signature for example like the attached?

(Is it also possible to place text automatically centred like the “V”?)

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The V is centered when you have a grand staff. Two staves on one instrument like a piano. You can press i to see the instruments, select a staff and the Add Staff (not liked staff).

The mixed (optional) key signature would have to be added as a picture.


1) Go here: View > Master Palette > Key Signatures.
2) Then drag accidental symbols on to the mini treble clef score in the upper right of the prompt.
3) Click "Add" button bottom right of the prompt.
4) Done.

Your new key signature should show in the main "Palette" under "Key Signatures". Hope this helps! :)

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